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ClanNews Dojo Contest Entry
--Re-posted from Our Discord--

[Image: bwSkDzjh.jpg?width=400&height=268]

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the poll I have submitted our Dojo to the Dojo remastered competition.
I created an Imgur account for the purpose and the link to our submission is at the end of this post.
I took a long hard look at those other entries and must admit that their work is a good deal more professional than mine, but it is also cold and largely heartless.
So I scripted a little travelogue and took the screenshots with Mag as an imaginary tour guide.
Perhaps by appealing to their hearts with my slightly rough round the edges creativity they will ant to see more and love what they see.

Check out our entry in theĀ imgur album
I hope this meets with your approval

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